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Furniture system specifically designed
to accommodate Control Room environments. Available fixed height
or height-adjustable versions.

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Control Room Furniture

ControlTrac is a modular, adaptable technical furniture that is well suited for industrial applications such as process control rooms, transportation, and security consoles. The CTL fixed-height series and the CTE height-adjustable series are built differently but catered to the same industry. Unlike the classic IntelliTrac Console, which is more suited for robust Broadcast applications, the ControlTrac only comes in two standard widths and is best suited for a slimmer equipment or CPU storage rather than an abundance of above countertop rack equipment.

The ControlTrac console is designed with 19 or 25 inch width modules and has a base framework designed to accommodate multiple tower CPUs and/or rack equipment. Like other TBC technical furniture, it is available in linear or angled configurations. There is also a rear trac specially designed to mount a variety of monitors and/or accessories. Additional displays can be added vertically with the addition of a monitor frame and storage cabinets can be substituted in the base of the console. There are also a number of standard aluminum turret enclosures which can be substituted for dropwells to sink monitors below the countertop. Countertops and side panels are customizable to each user's preference.






Sample Configurations

The configurations shown here are just a sampling of console lengths, typical to control room applications, that can be created with the ControlTrac system. If you do not see a layout that meets your needs, call 1-888-CONSOLE and a TBC Designer can help configure a ControlTrac system according to your specific requirements.

CTL Series - Pre-configured consoles - Straight

Single position console:
2 -25" bays, with drawer pedestal and full depth countertop. Base cabinet capable of holding 2 CPU towers mounted on pullout shelves.

overall length: 6'-6 1/2" [1994mm]
overall depth: 2'-11 15/16" [913mm]

CTL 1/2W-1 PED-1T
Single position console:
1 -19" bay+ 2-25" bays, with drawer pedestal, lnflll panels and countertop. Base cabinet capable of holding 9 RU of equipment and 2 CPU towers mounted on pullout shelves.

overall length: 8'- 2 7/8" [2511 mm]
overall depth: 2' - 11 15/16" [913mm]


Three position console:
9 -25" bays, with 4 - drawer pedestals end full depth countertop. Base cabinets capable of holding 9 CPU towers mounted on pullout shelves.

overall length: 23' - 9 11/16" [7256mm]
overall depth: 2'-11 15/16" [913mm]


Two position console:
5 -19" bays, 4 -4RU turrets and countertop. Base cabinet capable of holding 5 bays of 9 RU of equipment.

overall length: 8'- 11 3/4 • [2739mm]
overall depth: 2'-11 15/16" [913mm]


Two position console:
3 -19" bay+ 2 -25" bays, 4-4 RU, in fill panels, and countertop. Base cabinet capable of holding 3 bays of 9 RU of equipment and 2 CPU towers mounted on pullout shelves.

overall length: 9'-11 9/16" (2511mm]
overall depth: 2'-11 15/16' (913mm]


Three position console:
4 -25" bays, 4 -19" bays, 8-4 RU turrets, infill panels, 3 -drawer pedestals, and countertop. Base ceblnets capable of holding 4 bays of 9 RU equipment and 4 CPU towers mounted on pullout shelves.

ovaran length: 21'-9 13/16" [6651mm]
overall depth: 2'-11 15/16" [913mm]

CTL Series - Pre-configured consoles - Angular

Two position console:
3 -19" bays + 3 -19" bays, 1-15" transition, 2 - 4 RU, infill panels, and countertop. Base cabinet capable of holding 9 bays of 9 RU of equipment.

overall length:
11 ' - 7 3/46" [3550mm]

overall console depth:
3' - 8" [913mm]

Single posftion console:
2 -19" bay + 3 - 19" bays + 2 - 19" Bays, 2-45° transftions, 7 - 4 RU, and countertop. Base cabinet capable of holdlng 7 bays of 9 RU of equipment.

overall length:
13'-7 9/16' [4154mm]

overall console depth:
5' - 3 3/8" [1616mm]

Angular Transitions

Working with the stock angular transitions shown, ControlTrac consoles can be conflgured In a 'cockpit' styte, to create ergonomically efficient layouts for single or multiple-operetors.


Three position console:
4 - 19" bays + 4 - 19" bays + 4 - 19" bays, 2-30° transitions, 6 - 4 RU, lnfill panels, and countertop. Base cabinet capable of holdlng 9 bays of 9 RU of equipment.

overall length:
21 '- 11 1/4" [6687mm]

overall console depth:
6' - 5 1/2" [1969mm]

CTE Series - Overview

ControlTrac Specifications

All designs, plans, ideas and specifications indicated in this drawing remain the entire property of TBC Consoles Inc., and may not be used in any manner without prior written consent.

Control Room Furniture CTE Series
Console base can accommodate rack equipment, non racking computer towers,
and power conditioning
Electric work surface with digital preset controller
Vented, removable bottom panels
Formed steel support feet with levelers
  Control Room Furniture
Vented removable rack turrets travel with work surface when adjusting height
Heavy duty rear Trac supports multiple tier configurations
Integrated wire management

ControlTrac Customer Reviews Average User Rating:
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by Jonathan Stromp, Engineering Manager, CBS Submitted 2/20/2019

First I must proclaim, these consoles are gorgeous! We got the motorized console built today. The producers who inhabit this room are thrilled! Your attention to detail has us blown away

by Todd Grim, President, All Service Controls Submitted 6/11/2018

The ControlTrac product worked perfectly for our Municipal client’s needs. The product is well built and modular, conforming to our custom room layout perfectly. I look forward to working with TBC in the future.

by Brian, Erdmann, Commodities Flight Chief Submitted 8/18/2017

I talked to my end user about this installation and they couldn't be happier about choosing this product. It was well worth the wait! The customs process and
delivery to the base one the products reach port went pretty smoothly. Once the items were received on base, your install team arrived several weeks sooner than we thought they were going to, so that was a fantastic surprise.

by Anthony Graham, Manager of Gas Control, Howard Energy Partners Submitted 8/6/2017

We are beyond happy with our ControlTrac E consoles. They have been working perfect for us. Thank you to the entire TBC team for everything during the build time all the way to delivery. We really appreciate the great customer service and quality of product.

by Bruce Giuriceo, Consultant, Media Links, Inc. Submitted 1/20/2016

Most recently specifying a ControlTrac LT and TracWall for a Master Control Room in a major telecommunications company, it is clear that TBC understands the business and all the twists and turns of ergonomics, project management, design, and quality. I always recommend TBC to my clients because I know how happy they will be with the results!

by Johan Pretorius, General Manager, Oculus Innovations Submitted 11/29/2012

ControlTrac consoles are implemented by Oculus in all industrial environments with huge success. The robustness and flexibility of the consoles allows us to apply this in Oil & Gas, Power and other industrial areas where we require robust industrial solutions and ‘under the counter’ space for Computer CPU boxes or other equipment. ControlTrac supports the enhancement of health and safety in the facility, which is achieved through the ergonomic fit and height adjustability of the consoles to allow for both seating and standing operator control. The modularity of the monitor beam enables the installation of various size monitors in the same plane, without the modification or costly upgrading of the console. The power reticulation and cable management system conforms to industrial applications, with dual redundancy and integrity of power continuity being key success factors. The use of ControlTrac consoles provides customers with a fit-for-purpose long term ergonomic solution, irrespective of the type of Control System installed in the facility.

Oculus’ integrated operational facility solutions are enhanced by the use of TBC’s Consoles and we are proud to be associated with them.

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Control Room FurnitureControl Room FurnitureControl Room FurnitureControl Room FurnitureControl Room FurnitureControl Room Furniture
Control Room Furniture
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ControlTrac Product Guide
ControlTrac Product Guide

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ControlTrac Console System
ControlTrac Console System

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ControlTrac Console System
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