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IntelliTrac® v2

Modular Broadcast Furniture System

World class ergonomics and
impressive aesthetics aside, what
makes IntelliTrac truly special is
its highly adaptable nature.

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Control Room Consoles
Control Room Consoles Control Room ConsolesControl Room ConsolesControl Room ConsolesControl Room ConsolesControl Room ConsolesControl Room Consoles
Control Room Consoles
Control Room ConsolesTBC's definitive technical furniture system sets new standards for modularity, ergonomics, and high end aesthetics. Initially designed for Video Production and Broadcast applications, IntelliTrac finds itself equally at home in a growing number of industries including Security, Process Control, Power Utilities, Command and Control, Network Operation Centers and Transportation. IntelliTrac's unique off-the-floor design allows unprecedented leg room while increasing ventilation through the body of the console. Front and rear device 'Tracs' allow unlimited lateral positioning of critical monitors. Rack bay turrets may be easily upgraded or relocated allowing quick, user friendly modifications. A full range of articulating arms for distance, height and tilt control may be utilized for mounting flat panel monitors, speakers, phones and task lighting. While based on a standard set of components, each console is unique to it's functional requirement operational preferences and room space. Countertops are easily customized and available in a number of finishes including laminate, linoleum, and solid surface with a variety of edge treatments.

Which IntelliTrac version meets my needs?
The decision making process in choosing a console often involves the following factors - space limitations, monitor size, rack equipment needs, and budget.  Below are some of the dimensional requirements of our standard IntelliTrac products.

All designs, plans, ideas and specifications indicated in this
drawing remain the entire property of TBC Consoles Inc., and may not be used in any manner without prior written consent.


How do I know if what my sightlines will be?
TBC's technical furniture is specifically designed to meet optimal sightline and reach requirements, while ensuring ADA access where required. We utilize design elements from BIFMA and ISO to optimize each unique control room environment.

Environmental Study
TBC can also perform sight line and reflection studies for any control room environment. Please ask your salemen to find out more.

IntelliTrac T26


IntelliTrac HD22


Base Frame Module

This is the basic 'building block' of the Intellitrac system. IntelliTrac 1-bay rack width module (19" EIA); includes:
Front and rear adjustable rack rail, wire mesh cable tray, front and rear device tracks for LCD and accessory mounting, vented and removable ABS bottom access panels.

3 depths available:
T30 - (30"d.)
T26 - (26"d.)
T22 - (22"d.)

IntelliTrac is priced and designed
'per bay', but is manufactured according
to final length (ex. 4-bay console). This
is done to ensure smooth function
and appearance of extruded aluminum device tracks.

Sample Configurations

The configurations shown here are just a sampling of console lengths, typical to control room applications, that can be created with the IntelliTrac system. If you do not see a layout that meets your needs, call 1-888-CONSOLE and a TBC Designer can help configure an IntelliTrac system according to your specific requirements.

Pre-configured consoles - Straight  (available in T22, T26, and T30)

T26 2-Bay, with (2) 4ru turrets
overall length: 3'-8" [1114mm]
T26 3-Bay, with (3) 4ru turrets
overall length: 5'-6" [1659mm]
T26 4-Bay, with (4) 4ru turrets
overall length: 7'-2" [2185mm]
T26 5-Bay, with (5) 4ru turrets
overall length: 8'-11" [2712mm]
T26 6-Bay, with (6) 4ru turrets
overall length: 10'-8" [3238mm]
T26 7-Bay, with (7) 4ru turrets
overall length: 12'-4" [3764mm]
T26 8-Bay, with (8) 4ru turrets
overall length: 14'-1" [4290mm]
T26 9-Bay, with (9) 4ru turrets
overall length: 15'-10" [4817mm]
T26 10-Bay, with (10) 4ru turrets
overall length: 17'-7" [5343mm]
The configurations shown here are just a sampling of console lengths, typical to control room applications, that can be created with the IntelliTrac system.

Three base depths are available; T22, T26, and T30.  T26 depth shown.

Upper equipment modules (turrets) are available in 2ru to 10ru capacity, as well as bi-level configurations.

Pre-configured consoles - Angular  (available in T22, T26, and T30)
IntelliTrac Models Angular
All designs, plans, ideas and specifications indicated in this drawing remain the entire property of TBC Consoles Inc., and may not be used in any manner without prior written consent.

IntelliTrac Features

IntelliTrac Accessories

IntelliTrac Accessories

TL-LITHAL-TM: Task Light, Halogen, Trac-mount

TL-LITLED-TM: Task Light, LED, Trac-mount

IT-PHONE: Phone platform, Trac-mount

FP-9222: Monitor arm, Trac-mount

FP-7500: Monitor arm, rear Trac-mount

IT-CC: Trac mounted adjustable cable collar

IT-BTM: Trac mounted bottom closure panel

PS-1615-ET: 3' / 16-outlet 15a power strip

PS-2015-ET: 6' / 20-outlet 15a power strip

IntelliTrac Turrets

IntelliTrac Turrets

Examples of Upper Modules: Shown are just a few examples from the full range of equipment module options. Most are available in T26 and T30 IntelliTrac depths, with limited availability in the T22 version.






All designs, plans, ideas and specifications indicated in this drawing remain the entire property of TBC Consoles Inc., and may not be used in any manner without prior written consent.
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by Shane Richard, Sr. Project Manager, Canyon Offishore Submitted 5/5/2017

The Canyon Offshore’s Engineering project utilized a customized IntelliTrac console for ROV monitoring. The guys are extremely happy with the consoles that were provided. If we ever have a need for more consoles or desk, rest assured that we will be contacting you.

by Alexei Goussev, Product Manager, Speco Technologies Submitted 3/18/2016

Custom desk from TBC was exactly what we needed to show off our software product the best possible way. Great quality materials and assembly staff was very helpful.

by Scott Callis, Project Manager, CBT Systems Submitted 1/18/2016

I always speck TBC, worth every penny of our clients. The aesthetics of TBC console design is only surpassed by their quality, durability, and ergonomics.

by Shane Richard, ROV Superintendent, Helix Canyon Offshore Submitted 9/22/2015

TBC Consoles has provided outstanding products to our company. Their professionalism and quality of products is second to none. They always go above and beyond understanding and meeting the needs of our company.

by Jen Cooke, Project Coordinator, Nine Network Australia Submitted 6/11/2015

We just finished the installation in Adelaide, the IntelliTrac Consoles came together beautifully! I think it's looking amazing. Thank you to Bill and the team at TBC for yet another great job!

by Rashid Sigg, Vice President, B&C Transit Submitted 5/4/2015

We chose TBC to provide the consoles for the Metrorail Central Control Transit Project. We could not be more pleased with the quality and service that TBC delivered. Not only has the customer requested additional products and services from TBC but they also speak highly of their professionalism. We will surely be using TBC Consoles on future projects

by Gary Backman, President, Imagine Integrations Submitted 4/23/2015

I am presently working on the Bengals with Alpha Video. I also did the Titans with Alpha, I think that was the last time I was able to work with your guys.
John and his helper Albert, just left finishing up the console installation. I just wanted to drop you a note.

It is always a pleasure working with TBC, your crew was absolutely awesome, your product is the best in the industry. You deliver on time every time, thank you and your staff. I look forward to working with you in the future.

by David Barth, Director of Technology, Univision Communications Submitted 1/30/2015

Thanks for a speedy delivery and professional installation. Great crew you have. Furniture is outstanding.

by Carl VanOrmer, Sales-Design Engineer, Midtown Video Submitted 8/22/2014

The consoles were easily assembled and our end-user customer (a small college in Florida) was very pleased. Thank you!

by Manmadh Rebba, Superintendent, Bouygues Civil Works Florida Submitted 8/18/2014

Thank you very much for working with us on providing great IntelliTrac and SmartTrac furniture that met our requirements and was installed on time. I appreciate your timely help and cooperation at every stage of the design and procurement process. The tunnel opened successfully and the control rooms are operational – these were furnished with TBC Consoles. I will definitely use TBC in the future.

by Brent Vinson, Video Engineer-Technical Manager, Great American Ball Park Submitted 2/28/2014

Our project is complete and it turned out great. We split an 8 bay IntelliTrac Broadcast Console in to two 4 bay units and turned one 90 degrees to face the field. The technical support was very good and all the parts necessary were provided. I appreciate that you even included the tap to thread the holes in the aluminum extrusions for the end caps. You make a very practical, functional and good looking product and provide first rate support!

by Joe Adams, Manager of Studio Ops, AOL Studios Submitted 1/5/2014

As Studio Manager for AOL Studios, I find myself interacting with dozens of vendors on a yearly basis. Of all these vendors, there are maybe two or three that I can say I honestly LOVE doing business with. TBC Consoles is one of these vendors. I currently oversee three production facilities in three locations that incorporate a combination of IntelliTrac and SmartTrac productions. Each of these products has met our needs perfectly and has withstood years of abuse from a demanding staff working long hours. Our larger facilities house IntelliTrac systems that we have been able to customize and reconfigure on a regular basis as our production needs have changed. A few years ago when we upgraded to HD having TBC consoles in our facilities made life so much easier. It was a breeze to swap out turrets or add features to our desks and monitor walls. Customizing our desks to meet these new demands was probably the simplest part of the project. We also recently put a SmartTrac desk in the DC office of the Huffington Post. Again, working with TBC Consoles was a breeze. The desk has met our demands perfectly but also leaves me with the confidence that if we start to outgrow it, we won't be starting from scratch, we'll be able to make the right changes and avoid reinventing the wheel. As important as a great product, TBC Consoles are a great partner. So many other vendors treat the customer as a nuisance. NOT TBC Consoles. TBC Consoles handles their customers the right way! I have always felt like there is a true partnership with TBC whenever we need to buy more of their product. For example, we were recently putting in a brand new control room. We had everything ordered to the dimensions of the new room. However, once the room was finished in construction is was a couple feet smaller than the blueprints. This threw our desk and multi viewer wall plans into chaos. TBC Consoles were outstanding during this chaos of our own making and were still able to deliver a product that worked with the new dimensions and met our original deadlines. TBC Consoles is an outstanding vendor. Great products, great customer support, great company.

by Dave VanAusdal, Electronic Technician, USAF Submitted 12/13/2013

We love our new IntelliTrac Console! Bill Shea did an awesome job of interpreting our ideas into a functional design that looks and works great! From the first phone call, to the final assembly, we were very impressed with every aspect of this product and TBC Consoles.

We look forward to doing more business in the future.

Thank you for your review Dave, it's been a pleasure to work with you.

by Marvin Williams, Director of Engineering & Operations, Manhattan Center Productions Submitted 7/26/2013

Just want to say thank you for making our TV-1 control room one of the slickest looking control rooms in New York City plus the efficient and versatile operation of our IntelliTrac consoles.

by TJ Beardsmore, Senior Project Manager , Diversified Systems Submitted 5/22/2012

Just a quick note of praise on the Detroit Lions consoles. The Lions’ clients are extremely satisfied with the design, quality and functionality of the consoles. Kudos to Dennis on the design, and your shop team on the build. Your site install team of John and Jander did an outstanding job of assembling the consoles on site.

Thanks again – see you on the next one.

by Garrett Kurtz, 1st Lt, USAF, Turbine Research Engineer, Propulsion Directorate, AFRL / RZTT Submitted 5/17/2012

When looking to redesign our control room, basic needs like furniture were at the forefront of our focus. After receiving the recommendation from fellow researchers within our organization to look at TBC, we were very impressed with their products.

The TBC team was easy to work with and timely with their responses. We received exactly what we were looking for without ever having to have an onsite visit. Everything was coordinated through email and telephone correspondence.

Assembly of our system was very straightforward and the willingness of the company to flex to meet our specific needs separated them from other companies. Our custom-designed and built furniture has not disappointed and we expect this product to continue to meet our needs for many years to come. The products we received (TracWall and IntelliTrac) have the ability to accommodate various sized support equipment (i.e. monitors and rack-mounted equipment) and provide the capability to expand as the scope of our mission changes.

by Julius Feinstein, Broadcast Operations & Engineering, Meda Most International Submitted 5/7/2012

We have almost completed the transition to our new NOC and MCR. I must comment on how professional and high-tech your consoles are. We are getting so many compliments on the workmanship and design from our guests and vendors.

The technical staff has also complimented me on the selection of your products for its ergonomics and looks.

Thanks again for helping us during the design stages, implementing the needed changes and customization of the consoles.

I’m now looking forward to updating my editing suits, and the one thing that I don’t have to worry about is the consoles.

Ten years ago when I was building my NYC production facilities, I know that I made the right decision to go with your product. Even today your product appears new and contemporary, despite the heavy 24/7 usage.

TBC is way ahead of the competition in its field. Thank you again for a great product and for your support.

by Joseph Valerio, Chief Video Engineer , Hofstra Unversity School of Communications Submitted 3/23/2012

We have purchased two Intellitrac consoles and could not be more pleased with the design and function of this product. The fit and finish are of the highest quality. The careful attention to such details as cable access and the securing of doors is brilliant and anticipated our every need. Time Base Consoles has always provided the finest consoles in the business and Intellitrac is the result of years of evolution and refinement of thought. A winner all around.

by Felix Pena, CEI Director of Mechanical Engineering, CEI Communications Engineering, Inc. Submitted 2/27/2012

TBC Consoles did a great job on the CEI FedEx Field Redskins project. The consoles are modern, flexible and expandable and their CAD modules offer quick and accurate “drag and drop” capability.

by Mary Ann Soriano, Office Administrator, Quantel Inc. Submitted 2/16/2012

Chic desk top with ample storage space,durable and ideal for our demo room.

by Joe Moghaizel, Senior System Designer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Submitted 1/27/2012

TBC has filled in a great gap in the broadcast industry replacing custom mill work! Designs are ergonomic, modular and efficient, and they can be customized to your space requirements. Customer service is great and everyone is always willing to help create solutions tailored to your needs.

by David Arias, Production Manager, Full Sail University Submitted 12/27/2011

The TBC team did a great job helping us design a functional and designer-pleasing system with the IntelliTrac and TracWall products. TBC did far more than ship a box of parts, they worked with us on the ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics of the system. I'm looking forward to our next opportunity to work with them.

by Chris Howell, Senior Systems engineer, The Boeing Company Submitted 12/5/2011

We had very specific operational requirements that called for a customization of TBC’s IntelliTrac system. This included several custom furniture components that helped balance the operational facility's overall function and appearance. Bill Shea and his design team from TBC did a lot of custom design to show off TBC's capability with accommodating for very tight working conditions and the final product exceeded our expectations. The design, purchase, integration and installation went flawlessly. I would not hesitate to use TBC again for future work. If you want the best I have found TBC can deliver. Bill and TBC's team provided the perfect solution for our needs.

by Jennifer Stafford, Air Force, (UTC) Submitted 12/2/2011

Our console was specifically designed for our research efforts at WPAFB. The console was exactly what we needed and has fit our needs perfect. We have received numerous compliments over the last year and the console looks great. Very easy to work with from design to delivery. Thanks to Steve and the rest of the TBC team. Great job!

by Denise Crisci, Purchasing Agent, Lake Highland Preparatory School Submitted 11/14/2011

We purchased the Intellitrac Components for our Film Studio. The entire experience with TBC Consoles was awesome. From the start, I dealt with Andrew Dressner, our Sales Representative, who keep me informed every step of the way. The consoles area an amazing product and fit our needs to a tee. I would reccommend this product, company and Andrew Dressner to anyone interested in this product and experience!

by Grant Te Brugge, Director, TIFF Bell Lightbox Technology, TIFF Submitted 3/17/2011

Master Control at Bell Lightbox is at the centre of the universe with all our patrons looking in. The TBC console meets all our technical and functional needs and looks great.

From design to delivery to installation TBC consoles was there the whole way to make sure the solution worked for us.

by Dwin Towell, Dir of Broadcast Engineering, Dallas Cowboys Submitted 3/15/2011

Two seasons in at Cowboys Stadium and still getting compliments on the look and versatility of the TBC Consoles. Great product!

by Brandon Smith, Chief Technology Officer, BYU Broadcasting Submitted 3/8/2011

We recently installed the intellitrac system at our new tv, radio, and digital media production and distribution facility. We are happy with the product to date, and had a great experience working with TBC on the design and build of the project. They were very accommodating to our unique requests, and very easy to work with. The product has been performing very well since we installed it.

Great job guys!

by Dave Stengel , Senior Project Manager , BURST Submitted 2/28/2011

I wanted to once again thank you guys for the excellent service and amazing looking product from TBC! The custom countertops here at the Texas Rangers Ballpark and the entire console install looks great and is getting rave reviews from all the folks here at the site.

I want to personally thank Bill for working with us to make sure it was perfect and of course John and Albert did and incredible job as always with the install. Attention to every detain with a beautiful outcome is something I know we will always get from TBC and once again you guys exceeded that!

I look forward to seeing you all at NAB. Thanks for another successful project!

by Ismael Marcer, Project Manager, Unitecnic (Spain) Submitted 8/13/2010

We are proud to work with TBC Consoles for a second time in Miami, at Gol TV HD Project. The four consoles (3 Intellitrac, 1 Smartrac) for HD Control, Sound Control, Master Control Room and Satellite Control look very good, our client is fully satisfied with them for the design, flexibility and durability. Thanks to all TBC team for his effort to achieve our tight project dates schedule.

by Don Shaw, Director of Operations and Engineering, WBTV Submitted 5/7/2010

We installed the intelletrac system here in Charlotte for our HD control room. The consoles look great, are incredibly durable and also flexible. We are extremly pleased with TBC and their intelletrac product line.

by Gerard Sam-Zee-Moi / Head of Video Engineering, Blue Sky Studios / FOX Animation Submitted 4/28/2010

Blue Sky had some very specific operational requirements that called for a customization of TBC’s IntelliTrac and SmartTrac Console systems. Working with the TBC design team really made a huge difference and made this aspect of our project painless. TBC's team provided the perfect solution for our needs.

by Jen Cooke, Nine Networks Australia Submitted 4/22/2010

When the time came to design our new Media Exchange Gateway, we just couldn't find a locally made product that came close to the IntelliTrac. The product combines superior form with great function, so it made sense to ship two consoles and TracWall units to Sydney and assemble them ourselves. The whole process was effortless from start to finish and the end result has exceeded all expectations. Thanks to Jerry, Steve and the TBC crew!"

by John Pankratz, Metro Video Systems Submitted 3/24/2010

When we were designing the New Wave, our challenge was to make the most out of a very constrained space. TBC's experts were there to create the perfect balance of usable work surface without compromising the spaciousness we desired. The brushed metal finishes, movable work surfaces, and Lucite counter tops add the "wow" factor for our clients. To say that we are thrilled that we went with TBC would be an understatement

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IntelliTrac Product Guide
IntelliTrac Product Guide

pdf file – 4.9mb
IntelliTrac Console System
IntelliTrac Console System

pdf file – 797.4kb
Control Room Concept
Control Room Concept (VCR)

pdf file – 2.0mb
IntelliTrac Accessories
IntelliTrac Accessories

pdf file – 98.2kb
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All designs, plans, ideas and specifications indicated in these drawings remain the entire property of TBC Consoles Inc., and may not be used in any manner without prior written consent.