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SmartTrac® v2

Ergonomic Flexible Console System

From a single operator workstation to complete control rooms, SmartTrac consoles represent the absolute best value in a fully modular, fully ergonomic console system.

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Technical Furniture and Broadcast Furniture
Technical Furniture and Broadcast Furniture Technical Furniture and Broadcast Furniture Technical Furniture and Broadcast Furniture Technical Furniture and Broadcast Furniture Technical Furniture and Broadcast Furniture Technical Furniture and Broadcast Furniture Technical Furniture and Broadcast Furniture

TBC Consoles SmartTrac v2 - Technical Furniture Video   TBC’s SmartTrac console systems have achieved extraordinary popularity due to their world class ergonomics, quality all aluminum construction and good looks. Unique to this class of console, SmartTrac’s removable turrets, rear device ‘Trac’ and generous cable core with integral power management combine with optional height adjustability for any application that requires a sit stand desk. Each console can be accessorized to personal preference with a variety of articulating monitor arms, CPU holders, speaker mounts, task lamps, and other accessories.

SmartTrac V2 technical furniture also provides an enhanced ability to gang individual workstation components to form complete Master Control and Production Control consoles for broadcast furniture. These configurations have also been used successfully in a variety of other industries including Security, Process Control, Dispatch, Power Utilities, Command and Control, Network Operation Centers and Transportation. There is virtually no application that SmartTrac cannot handle at a cost that is significantly reduced from other standard “full body” console systems.
SmartTrac height-adjustable console workstation
SmartTrac height-adjustable console workstation
Which SmartTrac version meets my needs?
The decision making process in choosing a console often involves the following factors - space limitations, monitor size, rack equipment needs, and budget. Here are some facts about the different SmartTrac types to help inform your decision:
  • The ST3 accepts modular turrets and infills, is approx. 88" x 38", has a maximum rack turret capacity of 12ru, and a rear device track.

  • The ST2 accepts modular turrets and infills, is approx. 67" x 38", has a maximum rack turret capacity of 8ru, and a rear device track.

  • The ST3-WS and ST2-WS - SmartTrac Workstations - are for those clients not in need of rack equipment turrets. They have large uninterrupted desktops, full-size cable cores, and rear device tracks.

  • The ST3-WS-LT and ST2-WS-LT - These are like the Workstations above, but with a smaller capacity "mini-core". ( see illustration to the right)

  • All SmartTrac models share the same leg style, with an electric base with digital preset controller as an option. Electric base weight capacity: 317.5lbs (144kg) total of monitors, rack equip., and desktop items. Console components have already be factored in.

SmartTrac Modularity
*Note: Rear privacy door and other accessories sold separately.

Which configuration of monitors
meets my needs?

This decision should be governed in part by the size of the monitors you are currently using, including monitor weights,
as well as the number monitors or accessories you could see using in the future. Our consoles are built to be adaptable but it will save time and energy to purchase the right accessories ahead of time.
Sample Monitor Comparisons
Sample Monitor Configurations

pdf file – 342.3kb
SmartTrac height-adjustable console workstation

Mini vs. Standard Core

All designs, plans, ideas and specifications indicated in this drawing remain the entire property of TBC Consoles Inc., and may not be used in any manner without prior written consent.


Removable modules with a full cable core to support equipment and power management. Optional sit/stand with Bluetooth® enabled controller. A variety of standard and custom finishes available.


ST4-2T Centered
ST4-2T Outside
ST2 Spec SheetST2E Revit Model ST2 Spec SheetST3E Revit Model ST2 Spec SheetST2 Revit Model


Full depth countertop with optional full or mini cable core to support equipment and power management. Optional sit/stand with Bluetooth® enabled controller. A variety of standard and custom finishes available.


ST2-WS Rear
ST2-LT Rear
ST3-WS Rear
ST3-LT Rear
ST4-WS Rear
ST4-LT Rear
ST2 WS-LT Spec SheetST2E-WS-LT Revit Model ST3 WS-LT Spec SheetST2 Revit Model ST4 WS-L Spec SheetST2 Revit Model

Bi-Level and Rack Consoles

Custom consoles with features such as dual plane surfaces, rack or computer cabinets, and optional full or mini cable cores. The bi-level console has the option of adjusting two different surfaces for sit/stand functionality and optimal sightlines. A variety of standard and custom finishes available.

Bi-Level and Rack Consoles

ST2E-BL Spec SheetST2 Bi-Level Revit Model ST2-CPU Spec SheetST2 CPU Revit Model ST4-CPU2 Spec SheetST2 Revit Model


Our standard models are built to be modular, and can interface with a number of optional add-on pieces such as side carts, file pedestals, or basic tables. Below are two examples of popular setups which are made of stocked components. A variety of standard and custom finishes available.


View Spec SheetDownload Revit View Spec SheetDownload Revit Model

Roll over a number call-out for feature details
SmartTrac Features

View Standard Equipment Turret Depth Capacities >> View Standard Equipment Turret Depth Capacities

SmartTrac Features

All designs, plans, ideas and specifications indicated in this drawing remain the entire property of TBC Consoles Inc., and may not be used in any manner without prior written consent.

SmartTrac height-adjustable console workstation


Typical SmartTrac Accessories,
for more visit our Accessories Page

  1. TL-WALD-TM – task light
  2. AC-PD-USB – power/data hub
  3. FP-9222 – monitor arm
  4. ST-RT2 – 2RU turret
  5. ST-CI – counter infill
  6. ST-KP – keyboard pullout
  7. ST-CPU – device holder
  8. ST-CFT – caster feet
  9. SM-WL – speaker mount
  10. ST-MF2-2B – monitor frame
  11. CTR-SWR-T – switcher wedge with turrets
  12. ST-RT2-1B – elevated rack hutch
  13. UC-CPU1 – storage base for CPUs or rack equipment
SmartTrac Console System SmartTrac Accessories Guide
pdf file – 199.8kb
All designs, plans, ideas and specifications indicated in this drawing remain the entire property of TBC Consoles, Inc., and may not be used in any manner without prior written consent.
SmartTrac Customer Reviews Average User Rating:
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by Tim, Bolduc, GREnergy Submitted 6/10/2019

The console is perfect for my small corporate studio. Very thankful for the design and materials and the client table is a great compliment to our space as well. Well done! It’s obvious that your design team thought about the design from a user’s perspective.

by Brian P. Moore, Editor, Federal Agency (name withheld) Submitted 1/28/2019

Thank you for the parts we received earlier this week! Both our edit systems are complete and ready to use. Thank you for going above and beyond and helping us complete our installation with ease, we look forward to working with TBC in the future

by Ryan Thompson, Project Engineer II, Ball Aerospace Submitted 9/18/2018

We received and assembled our console this afternoon, on time. Exceptional product with great instructions. It fits great in our space, and is a great quality product.

by Todd, R, Adobe Submitted 8/16/2018

We have an ST2 suite and love the great cable management, and SmartCart iso box for all the noisy gear

by Stephen Watkins, Coordinator/Instructor, Kaua'i Community College Submitted 7/9/2018

Thanks a bunch to the team at TBC. Our new SmartTrac suite is smokin'!

by David W, Project Engineer, Alaska Aerospace Corporation Submitted 6/7/2018

Everything went as planned and the job was completed on time. The consoles look great and we are very pleased.

by Anthony G, Manager of Gas Control, Howard Energy Partners Submitted 3/7/2018

Our third purchase of TBC's SmartTrac products and once again the tables and monitor arms came in on time and look great. Thank you!

by Robert F, Operations, JPRA Submitted 2/28/2018

Everything went well with our SmartTrac order - no hiccups at all during the whole process. Everyone here is really happy with them! It is a huge improvement over our last setup and experience with other vendors for sure

by Tom Gaede, President , Ergonomic Home Submitted 2/27/2018

I have worked with many facility managers and companies across Texas and in other States. I can tell you that TBC's consoles are the best engineered and designed product available in the marketplace.

by Ron F, Engineering Manager, Savannah College of Art and Design Submitted 1/12/2018

The SmartTrac desks we purchased and recently installed from TBC have been received so well that we are going to submit another request for a 2nd studio we have in the same building. Thank you all very much.

by Gerard, Chief Engineer, Blue Sky Studios Submitted 11/28/2017

We have been using SmartTrac consoles in our Edit suites for many years now. We quickly learned that all Editors are not created equal. Some like it low, some like it high, and some prefer it right in the middle. So the motorized legs with memory settings were a great upgrade!!! In addition I must say one of the best things we like about TBC is their service and support. Always there when we need them.

by Justin Belkin, Specialist, Process Tech, Canon Submitted 5/8/2017

Your team did a great job, and the tables look excellent. I look forward to recommending TBC Consoles on future projects!

by Cameron Cowan, Owner, Sohei Productions Submitted 4/17/2017

I worked with you all closely at the end of 2014 on outfitting my editing suite with a SmartTrac Console. I have been extremely happy with my console and accessories. Currently looking to purchase more.

by Theo Mitropoulos, VP, Post Production & Sr. Editor, Cramer Submitted 3/17/2017

Things are going really well with our consoles 2 years later, we are still very happy with our SmartTrac Console suite and custom Puretech edge.

by Douglas Schneider, Sr. Network Engineer, CyberComm Submitted 1/5/2017

The quality of this furniture and equipment is second to none in my opinion ... compared to anything I have ever seen in my career anyhow. I will definitely be referring your products to all who show interest.

by Mitchell Kress, Editor, ABC News Submitted 11/1/2016

I purchased an electric SmartTrac desk a year ago and waited a little before sharing my experience. The desk is operating like I thought it would. It is sturdy and it is smooth. And,it is beautiful with an Amati Walnut finish. I'm sure that I have many more words that I can place here to describe what was and has been an awesome experience. I highly recommend SmartTrac and TBC Consoles. It will be a purchase that you will thank yourself for for years to come.

by Joey D'Anna, Colorist, Freelance Submitted 10/12/2016

I bought an ST3-WS for my color grading suite, and couldn't be happier. The entire process from design to purchase through delivery and assembly was easy and seamless.

The console fits my needs perfectly, and is an extremely comfortable place to work. The entire process with TBC was a pleasure.

by Barry Steinburg, International Sales Manager, Xilica Audio Design Canada Submitted 9/29/2016

SmartTrac ST3
Here I go again. I say that because this is not my first review of a TBC product (and it won't be my last).
Xilica Audio Design Canada designs, manufactures, and sells digital processors around the world and we use trade show booths to help promote our company and products. Previously we purchased a smaller SmartTrac ST2-WS-LT and a SmartCart and based on the success and quality of that product we decided we wanted to completely redesign our trade show booth. Using TBC products we went from a typical and not very nice looking booth filled with audio racks full of our products to a more modern and clean looking booth design with no visible equipment racks and a focus on customer comfort and dialogue.
We chose the SmartTrac V2 ST3 console flanked by two attached TBC SC-PT producer tables as the heart and center of our new booth design. The difference between the old design and our new TBC equipped booth was drastic. The result - exactly what we wanted and needed to do to better promote our company.
Back to the TBC products in review and why we chose TBC. The SmartTrac ST3 console is beautifully styled and built from high quality materials. It is supper easy to assemble and disassemble and will last us many trade show years. Add in the amazing number of flexible accessories that can be added and you have a product like no other. To finish off our booth design we flanked each end of the ST3 console with the TBC SC-PL producer tables - and this really helped shape the final look and work space we needed. These sculpted tables are shaped to match up perfectly to the sculpted ends of the ST3 console to create an extended but seamless work area and importantly add additional style and work space. To the ST3 itself we added three 4RU rack turrets and other accessories to complete the presentation console.
I can't say enough about the design and quality of these TBC products and the end result of providing a practical work and show space while looking gorgeous doing it.
Quality products come from quality people. People with a passion to be the very best at what they craft. That is the quality of the people you will work with at TBC. And I will finish with something I said in a previous TBC product review. If the TBC products were twice the price they are you would be very very happy. But they are not. They are amazingly well priced considering the high quality of design and manufacture. We had so many compliments regarding our new TBC equipped show booth that we stopped counting and we are thrilled.
Our thanks to everyone at TBC for the "craft" of your profession.
Barry Steinburg - Xilica Audio Design Canada - September 2016

by Blake Godwin, Senior Director, Missouri School Boards' Association Submitted 9/2/2016

Thank you so much for helping me on deciding on what's the best product for the price and features. The SmartTrac consoles worked out great for our control room.

by Jeffrey Marino, Sr. Producer, Multimedia & National Events, USPS Submitted 8/4/2016

We just built the desk yesterday and it’s perfect.
Thanks to the design and sales team for helping me flesh out the concept, and the construction team for putting together a solid product – that included the detailed instructions to put it all together!

by Sahil P., President & CEO, Geebee International Submitted 8/2/2016

I am quite impressed with the engineering. Initially we were worried lowering the counter with the cpu in place on the cpu holder. But its a perfect fit with ~ 2-3 mm space between the counter and the cpu. And moreover the counter top looks amazing with the matrix pattern. It matches our application absolutely. I am very happy with the quality of this system.

by Maria Pineda, Systems Program Engineer, HES-AV Submitted 7/12/2016

Our sales reps are always been really helpful, going the extra mile to give us the best support and fast answer or quotes. Really appreciate their hard work. Keep the same great job....A+++

by Julie Schmig, Project Manager, Plum Moving Media Submitted 6/14/2016

We recently purchased several adjustable edit stations and we are very happy with the quality and functionality of the desks.

by Paul Goulding, Project Manager, ITEC Entertainment Submitted 6/10/2016

We are impressed with the workmanship of the Operator Control Console desk for the Dubai Hotel Theme park attraction and look forward to continued business with TBC.

by Daniel Schmidt Submitted 3/4/2016

Keep doing what you are doing. Even though I am not in any form of broadcasting or media, the concept behind your products are perfect for recreational use. I have not seen anything out there that can even compete!

by Stephen Zulkowski, Traffic/Permit Engineer, Kane County Division of Transportation Submitted 3/3/2016

The Console looks and operates great, many praises have been received about the product. Happy customer.

by Jason Bryant, Chief Engineer, Chicago Access Corporation Submitted 1/27/2016

These consoles are AWESOME! They're both built and populated and look entirely professional. Thanks for a great product. We are now looking to order some carts and accessories.

by Michael Landier, Director , Red Dog Media Submitted 1/18/2016

The desk/carts I purchased are very well built and functional. I would love to see more options for desktop finishes. For example, more plexi options such as clear or black would be nice. Also, I think a stone desktop option such as granite would be fantastic (assuming the base could support the weight.)

We do have a clear color available in our plexi finish, as well as corian desktop options. We have updated our finishes web page thanks to your comments. Thank you for your review!

by Dan Fiock, Senior Editor, Paramount Pictures Submitted 12/17/2015

From standard console to custom design, TBC has met my every need. The TBC crew worked with me creating work spaces to fit the work flow. And the adjustable desk heights are such a bonus.

by Andrew Denny, Project Manager, Media One / Power 95.1 Submitted 12/4/2015

I would like to thank you guys again for your patience as things this side of the world do not happen as fast as your side. As usual Steve your desks are the best and it was even easier setting up these two. The cutout was perfect and everyone loves the look not to mention the hydraulics. it blows them away every time.

by Michael Ball, Post Production Supervisor, Accord Video Submitted 12/3/2015

Great quality products with an excellent staff of professionals that pay attention to the details.

by Shurland Glasgow, Program Director, Trinidad and Tobago Radio Network Submitted 11/2/2015

We purchased the SmartTrac and SmartCart product in an acrylic finish. We were totally satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship and will continue to do so, very helpful and professional staff who worked with us to understand all our needs and even suggestions at times

by Thomas Kotlarz, Electric Systems Dept, City of Concord Submitted 10/19/2015

I had a wonderful experience with TBC, from the design process to the finished product everything was better than expected. The install was easy and the products are built solid. Very satisfied, everyone who tours our facility is taken away by our TBC consoles, we couldn't be happier.

by Christian Simpson, Production Manager, Sporting News Submitted 10/8/2015

I want to say I absolutely love my desk and everyone in the office is very jealous. Your customer service is excellent and it’s been a pleasure. I am pushing to get the rest of my team some of your desks as well.

Thanks for everything.

by Bob Leboeufr, Chief Engineer, Polartec Submitted 10/1/2015

I felt that the product is of the highest quality, easy to assemble, and looks great. The clean look and modern design greatly improved the look and functionality of our control room we are very happy with your product.

by Johnny Shults, Facilities Operations Manager, Oklahoma City Thunder Submitted 9/28/2015

The console is great. Service was great! No hassles. The instruction manual could have been bound together so it was easier to access during assembly

Thank you Johnny for your feedback, we are now binding our instruction manual together!

by Steve Dyer, Consultant Automation Engineer, Eli Lily Submitted 9/22/2015

The SmartTrac is a quality product that has been designed with everything through through in such a way to make it easy for the customer. It is the best looking console on the planet!

by Thomas R. Kotlarz, Substations Coordinator , City Of Concord Submitted 8/11/2015

We were very happy with the SmartTrac consoles that we have ordered so far and would like quotes for additional items. I must say that I was impressed when assembling the consoles at the quality and strength of everything.

by Mark Olson, Freelance Editor Submitted 2/3/2015

Thank you to team TBC for going above and beyond to satisfy my needs. I bought the ST3-WS because of shoulder pain. Being able to fine tune the height has made my problem so much better. It can go so low it fits right in your lap. Having the ability to stand at the touch of a button has been great as well. This is by far the best desk I have ever used.
The craftsmanship is beautiful! The people are fantastic! You aren’t going to find a better product by anyone else.

by Manmadh Rebba, Superintendent, Bouygues Civil Works Florida Submitted 8/19/2014

Thanks very much to the TBC Team for working with us to provide a great furniture product that met our requirements. I personally appreciate your timely help and cooperation at every stage of the design and procurement process. The tunnel opened successfully and the control rooms with all TBC consoles are operational. I will definitely consider you for future projects.

by Sebastian Arseneault, Owner, OPU Productions Submitted 7/28/2014

I had the opportunity to visit the facility in New-York and meet the whole team who worked on the making and delivery of my SmartTrac Console. Everyone was helpful to fully customize my table to fit perfectly in my studio. They walked me through the whole process with tips and suggestions based on my requests.

The console is robust, clean, practical and easy to assemble. It's a really good way to start for a small business when you know you can add on other features in the future depending on your needs. The biggest feature for me is the adjustable height. Now that I tried it, I would never go back.

by Dr. Jill Tieman, Chiropractor Submitted 7/1/2014

As a Chiropractor, I am well aware of the need for sit-to-stand desks. I chose TBC's SmartTrac because of its quality and ability to expand with my computer system. Also the design is sleek, modern and looks gorgeous! Being able to stand at my desk - at the touch of a button - saves my back from too much sitting and my neck and shoulders from hunching over my computer for quick sessions.

Also their custom design service was great as I needed a desk that was a bit smaller than TBC's standard. They walked me through every detail and it fits my space perfectly. And it was easy to install.

I am at my incredible desk now writing this review and wondering how I functioned before without it.

by Laura Eisenbruch, Designer/Sales Rep, Marketec Innovations Submitted 6/9/2014

I have nothing but great reviews for your SmartTrac consoles both standard and custom. I have nothing but praise for your entire customer service team that has helped both me and my clients.

My sales representative, Steve Struhs has been a wonder. He provides impeccable service with timely responses to my requests and requirements as well as the rest of the team that have streamlined my orders and shipping placement/confirmation.

I continue to strive for more opportunities to work with all of you.

by Wally Lumpkins, Facilities manager, Gannett Co. Inc Submitted 4/14/2014

The TBC team did a great job from start to delivery on our order. The product was ordered and a tentative delivery date was set and then met. The team communicated with me throughout the entire process. Then they followed-up to ensure we were satified with their product. The TBC consoles are very well built and were priced fairly. All of our users are very complimentary of the desks/consoles. Thanks TBC for your good service quality product.

by Michele Reeves, Executive Producer, Tangible Vision Submitted 3/31/2014

We love our new SmartTrac edit desk! TBC was fantastic throughout the order and shipping process.

by Ian Rummer, President, Crave Media, LLC Submitted 2/28/2014

I am the proud owner of a new ST-2 workstation, which I am extremely happy with. I looked around a lot and found that TBC had the best solution by far to suit my new hybrid edit/color suite. Practical, great style, smart design, easy to assemble, and built like a tank. It was a fantastic experience from beginning to end collaborating with the TBC team from selecting features to placing the order, quick turnaround on fabrication and delivery, and assembly tips. They were professional, helpful, courteous, and just plain enjoyable to communicate with throughout the entire process. I would recommend TBC consoles to anyone considering as well as those who aren't, but should be considering TBC.

by Joe Adams, Manager of Studio Ops, AOL Studios Submitted 1/5/2014

I currently oversee three production facilities in three locations that incorporate a combination of IntelliTrac and SmartTrac productions. Each of these products has met our needs perfectly and has withstood years of abuse from a demanding staff working long hours. Our larger facilities house IntelliTrac systems that we have been able to customize and reconfigure on a regular basis as our production needs have changed. A few years ago when we upgraded to HD having TBC consoles in our facilities made life so much easier. It was a breeze to swap out turrets or add features to our desks and monitor walls. Customizing our desks to meet these new demands was probably the simplest part of the project. We also recently put a SmartTrac desk in the DC office of the Huffington Post. Again, working with TBC Consoles was a breeze. The desk has met our demands perfectly but also leaves me with the confidence that if we start to outgrow it, we won't be starting from scratch, we'll be able to make the right changes and avoid reinventing the wheel. As important as a great product, TBC Consoles are a great partner. So many other vendors treat the customer as a nuisance. NOT TBC Consoles. TBC Consoles handles their customers the right way! I have always felt like there is a true partnership with TBC whenever we need to buy more of their product. For example, we were recently putting in a brand new control room. We had everything ordered to the dimensions of the new room. However, once the room was finished in construction is was a couple feet smaller than the blueprints. This threw our desk and multi viewer wall plans into chaos. TBC Consoles were outstanding during this chaos of our own making and were still able to deliver a product that worked with the new dimensions and met our original deadlines. The last thing I will say about TBC Consoles is this. We've recently been reconfiguring a desk and were missing one screw. I emailed the President of the company thinking he could point me to the spare parts dept. Jerry got back to me within minutes and had the part shipped out to me the next day. INCREDIBLE! TBC Consoles is an outstanding vendor. Great products, great customer support, great company.

by Doug Mannix, President, Cameron Douglas Submitted 12/12/2013

The desk arrived yesterday and its all put together. This console is amazing and is even better than I imagined. Please extend my thanks to your team and everybody involved for I will be using this desk for rest of my life. Thanks again, you guys do amazing work!

by April Renee Bailey, Production Coordinator, Kaust Visualization Lab, Saudi Arabia Submitted 9/12/2013

First of all, thank you for everything. Each and every one of our interactions with you was refreshingly professional.

There was one piece missing from our shipment initially, but it was quickly sent to us and we were able to assemble the complete console.
I have to say, that your forethought of affordance that has gone into the design and the superb adjustable tracking and wood craftsmanship is quite impressive. I am extremely pleased and will look for other solutions for our lab spaces from TBC.

Thank you very much for all your time, consideration and assistance with our last purchase. I will be contacting you soon with specifications on one of your monitor wall mounting configurations for our next order.

by Dan, Video Prod Tech, Saginaw Valley State Submitted 9/6/2013

I recently Purchased two smart track products the st2 and st3. I love them then look extremely nice they were very easy to assemble came packaged very well so everything was safe and sound. I am already receiving comments on them when people come into my studio. Great Product, Great Service!

by Dave Crites, Owner, Glyph Corp Submitted 1/10/2013

The SmartTrac console I just received is my second purchase from TBC and again, the design and build quality are top notch. There was a small issue with the trucking company that delivered the console, and TBC jumped in to help straighten the matter out on my behalf. Great products, and exceptional customer service. What more can you hope for?

by James Wicks, Senior Colorist, Olympusat Networks Submitted 9/20/2012

The desk arrived yesterday and we installed it last night. It runs like a champ and fits our room perfectly. The custom desk size is spot on and the color beautifully compliments my color suite.

Thank you for all your help and professionalism. I will be recommending TBC Consoles to all my fellow Colorists.

by Rob Goldheim, Director of Engineering, Discovery Communications Submitted 7/26/2012

These new TBC Consoles are excellent. They look great and the access to the cable tray and rear-mounted equipment is much improved. As expected, the install team did a fantastic job getting our consoles delivered and assembled. Andrew and team provided the design and assistance we needed in a crunch. A few items of note when purchasing these consoles. On the turrets, the top RU is difficult to use as the equipment we put in there is too deep and blocks the cable exit to feed monitors on the arms. The turrets themselves shift a little even with equipment in them on the desktop. Be sure to request spacers to keep the turrets in place after install. Overall these are great consoles and I'm more than happy with this purchase.


Thanks for your positive review.

In our SmartTrac rack turrets, the top 1RU space is limited to a 14.25" equipment depth (including cables). As you point out, this is limited further by potential interference from cables coming from the LCD monitors through the top-rear of the turret. There is the option however of dressing the LCD cables around the back of the console, through the opening at the top of the rear access panel. This eliminates the cable interference so that the full 14.25" dimension is available. The bottom 3RU has additional unobstructed space for deeper equipment.

Regarding the "shifting turret" issue. We have addressed this in subsequent designs and we now have a tight fit between countertop and turret eliminating the turret shift and the need for any spacers.

Jerry Hahn, President, TBC Consoles

by Bill Wyramon, Director of Video Production, The Summit Church Submitted 5/31/2012

I can't tell you how please I am with the SmartTrac console that is now installed in my office. It went together PERFECTLY. No scratches, dents or dings. Instructions were great. It fit perfectly with the room to get to either side. And it slides really easily on carpet in case I need to get in the back.

I really can't tell you how impressed I am with the console. With all the unknowns in this project, Andrew's attention to detail in the planning stages has really paid off and I appreciate that immensely. Keep up the great work!

by Anthony Ushino, Principal, Sense TV Submitted 5/1/2012

TBC Consoles are absolutely AMAZING! Functional, sleek, efficient, well-designed, etc, etc. Just a great product and a MUST-HAVE for any post production facility. Every little detail was thought of and put together proper. Thanks to the TBC family for hooking it up!!!

by Jim Signorini, Studio Operations Supervisor, New Jersey Network Submitted 3/12/2012

I wanted to thank you for the installation of the Smart Trac Control console at Nutley High School . The staff and students are very impressed with the professional look and function, and are greatly appreciative. Thank You.

by Felix Pena, CEI Director of Mechanical Engineering, CEI Communications Engineering, Inc. Submitted 2/27/2012

TBC Consoles did a great job on the CEI FedEx Field Redskins project. The consoles are modern, flexible and expandable and their CAD modules offer quick and accurate “drag and drop” capability.

by Sean Fitzpatrick, Applications Engineer, Dolby Labs Submitted 1/30/2012

We purchased two of the ST-BL Bi Level consoles for our editing suite. We were very impressed with the quality of crafstmanship and attention to detail. Highly recommended! Also the electric lift provides a cool factor and allows for users to share one console and work comfortably. Assembly was a breeze!

by James Davis, Principal, Communications Design Associates Submitted 1/10/2012

We have specified this product for many of our projects with some modifications. The basic design fits in edit, production and master control rooms. The clients are very happy with the workmanship , quality and functionality. To illustrate the flexibility of design that TBC will go to on this product, some of the value added features we requested include: Straight front on work table, this allows more the one person use the console Power track in front of the turrets allowing for portable equipment Extended flat work surface to the side allowing the ability to create a audio section along with an operator TBC enjoys the challenge of designing and making a console clients are proud to show off.

by Scott Callis, Project Manager, CBT Systems Submitted 12/15/2011

We have been installing SmartTrac in facilities for several years and they are a great console for Edits, Graphics, and Post Production. Flexible design for the best ergonic solution and built with high quality materials. They also always make the tight timelines we ask of them without any loss in quality. The only thing I might change is better front access to the cables as once the unit is pushed up gainst a wall getting back and lifting up the hinged door can be a challenge. Great people and a great product.

We listened to your good suggestion and have now incorporated a front access door in our SmartTrac cable core. Thank you for your input!

Jerry Hahn, President, TBC Consoles

by Rick Hull, CEO/President, Hull Media Submitted 11/28/2011

We bought a Smart Track Console, matching Smart Cart and Producer's Table for one of our edit suites and everyone loves it. It consolidates rackmount gear, video monitors, speakers and cables into a very functional desk that is ergonomic, well thought out and a joy to use. The finish is rugged and doesn't tarnish. We have tried almost every editing desk out there over the years and this one is the most useable. We also got the electric height adjust option which is a back saver and highly recommended. If you are considering a TBC console, go for it. You can't go wrong.

by Kyle Doris, President, Downeffect Digital Submitted 11/21/2011

I can't say enough good things about my SmartTrac and SmartCart. Steve and Jerry and all the people at TBC have been incredibly attentive to every detail of its installation. Keeping wires out of sight was very important to me when building my Resolve suite and the SmartTrac was the perfect solution. It's simply the most comfortable and useful workstation I've ever used.

Thanks guys!

by Robert G.J. Bouvier, Communications Engineer, EPCOR, Canada Submitted 11/11/2011

Our customized SmartTrac BiLevel consoles are very nice. They look even better in person than the images on your site. Your installation fellows worked almost non-stop and did a very good job putting everything together in our somewhat cramped Dispatch Room. I am very pleased with the results and glad that we chose TBC for our project.

by Clive Hayes, Engineering Post Production Mgr., Major League Baseball Network Submitted 11/3/2011

TBC Consoles Smart Trac quality craftsmanship and flexible design has allowed MLB Network’s non-stop editing environment to be like-minded.

From the beginning, visiting the website to gain an understanding of the options and features of the unit allowed us to understand how to create the editorial environment without constant phone calls to comprehend the product's multiple choices.

Once MLB Network Engineering had a cohesive plan, we contacted the excellent sales team that helped finesse the small details to build a wonderful edit environment with the SmartTrac system. We particularly liked the multi-pole monitoring and large wire trough design for functionality and ease of engineering.

I absolutely recommend SmartTrac and TBC Consoles to produce a high-quality, valuable and flexible computer-based Edit Consoles.

by Trevor Bennett, Editor/Tech, Java Post Production Submitted 9/7/2011

Best packing of any product I've ever seen--and I ship in a lot of stuff in every year. The sheet of Masonite to protect the desktop surface was a nice touch, along with the triple wall cardboard packing.

Thanks again for being so flexible with our requests. The console works perfectly for our needs and was quick to assemble--thank you for choosing hex head bolts for your hardware and not the dreaded Philips head.

Everyone in the office has been very impressed with how cool the console looks and I'm sure it will make a big impression on clients.

The system is dual purpose and travels between two rooms so the custom design was essential for our needs. It was built to exact specs and works perfectly.

In a world of generic products it's nice to find a company that builds to order, if necessary, and tailors their product to suit their clients needs.

Trevor Bennett
Technical Specialist
Java Post Production

by Dave Weickert , Director of Engineering, AMC Networks Submitted 9/2/2011

From a systems integration point of view these consoles make my life so much easier. Being able to adjust the height of the cable management system to a more comfortable working position is a huge advantage. The time NOT spent crawling around on the floor behind an edit system is a dream come true

by Jose Luis Nogueira, Executive Director, Fabrika Filmes Submitted 11/19/2010

"Conheci os produtos da TBC na NAB em 2009. O design daquelas estações de trabalho começaram a passear nos meus sonhos. Ergonomia, as facilidades para os cabos e conexões, as linhas da estrutura metálica. Na NAB, em 2010, decidi que era hora do sonho virar realidade. Comprei seis estações de trabalho para a nova sede da Fabrika Filmes, em Brasília. Fui muito bem atendido por Karl Keuroghlian e pela equipe da TBC. Os editores e a equipe de pós-produção da Fabrika Filmes estão adorando trabalhar nas estações da TBC Consoles".

"I became aware of the TBC product line at NAB in 2009. The design of those workstations began to appear in my dreams. Ergonomics, the facilities for cable management and modalit and the lines of the metal structure. At NAB, in 2010, decided it was time to turn the dream to reality. I bought six workstations the new headquarters of Fabrika Movies, in Brasilia. I was very well attended by Karl Keuroghlian and the TBC team. The editors and staff of post-production at Fabrika Movies adore working on the TBC workstations ".

by Keith Lester, Creative Services Manager, CableONE Advertising Submitted 8/23/2010

I've been working in Cable for twenty years and have used and edited on many types of furniture. Some designed for linear editing and some designed for non linear editing. Having purchased two of the Smart Trac editing desks, all I can say is wow. This line is clean, sleak, well designed, professional and very modern. Set up was fast and our editing suites now have a high end appearance that leaves a positive impression on both the editors as well as our clients. The SmartTrac editing desks and side carts are now our company standard when we set up or remodel our editing suites. Very pleased with the furniture and TBC Consoles as well. Nice company to work with. These desks really enhance the entire editing room.

by Bob Wojda, CEO , Water Street Media Works Submitted 8/3/2010

We are a just starting out and every penny counts. We already own two of your consoles and they really have been an integral part of how we sell our services. Our editors like to work at them, they are built great and look fantastic. Our clients expect the best and your furniture shows them that we are a quality shop before they even see our work. I am very pleased that your service is on par with the quality of your product. We will look to TBC as a true partner we grow.

by Eric Solomon / Creative Director, Editor, Co-Owner, Milestone Video, Inc. Submitted 4/28/2010

I recently purchased 2 SmartTrac consoles, a 2 bay and a 3 bay unit. When I was considering my purchase, I was looking at it from 2 perspectives. First, as an editor: For years, I have wanted a console that would provide the ability to place my edit monitors below eye level – The SmartTrac allows for that and so much more ... specifically the ease of height adjustment, the variety of available sizes and the various cart options made my choice an easy one. The height adjustability was a feature I was on the fence about because I’ve never had it – and thought I’d never use it – but I decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did. The ability to adjust my environment helps keep me from getting tired which makes my day much more productive. My second perspective was as a business owner. Having the SmartTrac enabled us to make one purchase that has many benefits: First, my employees are more productive, more comfortable and happier sitting at a well designed console; second, my clients are happy because they are sitting at the Producers Desk instead of a makeshift table; third, when perspective clients look at our facility, they are impressed with the look and feel of the rooms – so our sales efforts have been helped as well; and finally, unlike most purchases made for our post facility, these desks will last forever. Customer Service has also been a pleasure. From design to delivery and set-up, TBC could not have been more helpful. My console actually arrived with a scratch right on the front and without missing a beat, a replacement was ordered and delivered in a very timely manor. I wish every company was as thorough. Bottom line, the SmartTrac is beautifully designed, highly flexible, completely functional and an absolute pleasure to sit at and use.

by Zack Arnold, Fix It In Post Submitted 4/21/2009

I absolutely love the console, and if I had the money, I'd buy one for every editor I have. Having the option to both stand or sit is invaluable to me as it's eliminated all of my lower back problems. I simply can't edit without this console."

by Andy Maisner, CEO, TV Pro Gear Submitted 2/13/2009

TBC's SmartTrac console comes as close to a perfect furniture solution for non-linear editing applications as anything I've ever seen or used in the past. Quality components are easily adjusted or modified and it's height adjustable ... all in a single cost-effective package. Almost everyone of our clients says “I’ve got to have this” as soon as they see it. I might also add the TBC Consoles is a company that is very easy to work with. They are prompt and accurate on their quotes and invoices. Also, they have meet their delivery dates. As a VAR this is very important to us.

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