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Technical Furniture Systems

Frank LaPallo and Jerry Hahn

Founders Frank LaPallo & Jerry Hahn

TBC Consoles builds technical furniture systems.  We design, manufacture, ship, and install technical furniture systems world-wide. TBC specializes in modular control room solutions that are consistently improved and enhanced to meet the needs of the latest technology.

Our focus is building consoles, from single operator desks to sophisticated control rooms; we provide the products and the expertise to create ergonomically correct and organized workspaces that lead to greater efficiency, productivity and personal performance.

Founded in 1988, TBC began with a specialty in broadcast and video production consoles including command centers, network operation centers and process control rooms.  We continue that commitment today with expertise in all types of control room technical furniture including broadcast consoles, process control facilities, utilities, public safety, government, transportation, dispatch, IT, and more.  We also supply a wide variety of monitor arms and a number of other accessories specialized by our engineers and designers.

TBC has a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. Our staff includes highly experienced designers, engineers, project managers, CNC operators, craftsman, laminators, and metal workers all geared toward producing The Best Consoles and quality technical furniture to meet our customer’s needs.  Our company headquarters in Long Island, New York includes over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

We deliver and install technical furniture on a local, national, and international scale with a number of strategic partnerships overseas.

Current TBC Partners; Jansen Hahn, Jerry Hahn, & Frank LaPallo

We incorporate the latest technology into any intensive control room environment utilizing quality consoles and technical furniture that are all designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America.

TBC conducts business with many high profile customers. A listing of some of our recent projects are on our News & Events page.

Our professionalism, custom control room solutions, adaptability of our technical furniture to accommodate new technology, and dedication to our clients are one reason customers have consistently called TBC “The Best Consoles” they have ever purchased.

TBC Consoles
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The TBC Process

Expertise and Quality in Everything We Do

There are several steps that we put each project through before completion.  Every project that comes to TBC is handled by a dedicated Account Manager with over ten years of experience in Control Room Design, as well as a dedicated Designer/Project Manager who has decades of experience.  Our sales/design team will work with you from the initial inquiry to final implementation of your ideal technical furniture solution.

TBC works with the end-user but with architects, ergonomists, integrators, and other representatives to meet our clients’ goals often well in advance of the actual project build.  There is no commitment to purchase until the design is finalized and ready for production.  TBC assigns one or two points of contact (an Account Manager and Project Manager) who oversee the entire project until it is completed.

Design & ApprovalDesigning custom technical furniture systems requires several layers of design and approval. Every project is assigned an Designer, Project Manager and Account Manager with decades of expertise who will guide your project through the process. We can assist with floor planning, advise on optimal ergonomics, check sight-lines, place your equipment within our products, and work with you to create the optimal solution. Architectural drawings, 3D models, and renderings all play a role in moving our projects forward before manufacturing begins.

Construct & Factory TestingOur consoles are built to be modular off of specific technical furniture systems. Due to the unique nature of many client’s demands, however, it is often necessary for us to conduct test fit studies not only through 3D models but through actually building mock-ups in our factory to ensure that it meets TBC’s standards of construction. All of our products, not matter if it is standard or completely custom, are first assembled in our factory and reviewed by our staff so that we can avoid surprised onsite.

DeliveryShippingTBC not only designs and builds technical furniture but we also can arrange for the delivery and installation, worldwide. We have trained installation teams not only in nearly every region of the United States and in several key areas globally. Our logistics team employs TBC trucks to deliver our products in the Northeastern United States and otherwise contracts with select common carriers to ensure that our products are delivered on time without damage. Our installers are used to working in mission-critical environments with high levels of security and provide the finishing touches to ensure that our clients have a seamless live cutover experience.

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