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TBC ConsolesTBC Consoles’ manufacturing and production is contained in two buildings, located in Edgewood, Long Island, New York.  We have a network of resellers and integrators throughout the United States.  We also have a number of factory representatives located in key locations, as well as a network of factory certified installers familiar with our products worldwide.  To inquire about becoming a representative of TBC, please contact us at info@www.tbcconsoles.com


iPlannetPlannet Co., Ltd. comprehensively coordinates the AV (audio and visual) furniture of cabinet rack console desk that creates import sales and creation space of video related items according to space and work style. Plannet supports TBC in Japan.

Broadcast Communications InternationalBCI is an authorized distributor for numerous international professional brands in the broadcast equipment market, as well as a System Integrator to meet and offer turn-key solutions to the broadcast & communications industries. BCI represents TBC in both Singapore and Malaysia.


StudiotechStudiotech distributes, sells, and integrates Professional Audiovisual equipment in media related industries. Studiotech represents TBC in Australia, New Zealand, and Micronesia.


AmptecAmptec is a solution provider for the professional audio and video market. Amptec represents TBC throughout Benelux, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxenberg.

RPGRPG is a group of specialized companies that design, manufacture, install, and maintain AudioVisual, IT and Interior Architecture solutions by using the most advanced technology available. RPG represents TBC in both Spain and Portugal.


PhasePhase offers integrated and complete support throughout Brazil for Broadcast, Pay TV, Telecommunications, OT, Distance Education, Corporate Video, Public Safety, and Military Markets.

RPGRPG is a group of specialized companies in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining AudioVisual, IT and Interior Architecture solutions by using the most advanced technology available. RPG represents TBC in Chile.


Oculus InnovationsOculus Innovations is a designer and turnkey provider of Operational facilities and Control Rooms, providing customers with a range of leading edge, intelligent and innovative control room solutions. The company focuses on ergonomics, concept design, and supply of control rooms in Automation, Security and other sectors. Oculus represents TBC products exclusively throughout the African Continent.