Denver Broncos Broadcast Control Room

TV & Radio Broadcast Furniture

Ergonomic, Quality Made-in-America Design and Manufacturing

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TV & Radio Broadcast Furniture

Ergonomic, Quality Made-in-America Design and Manufacturing

Broadcast TV & Radio

TV & Radio Broadcast Furniture

Ergonomic, Quality Made-in-America Design and Manufacturing

Broadcast TV

TBC has specialized in Broadcast technical furniture and control rooms for over 30 years.  We take great pride in the quality and ubiquity of our products in the industry, while continuing to refine and adapt our products to meet modern demands and design that factors in a place for the latest equipment.  TBC is represented in nearly every major Broadcasting Facility, including the Olympic Games since the early 1990s.

Our products continue to evolve to meet modern demands.  From Production Control to Master Control, Audio Control to Ingest and Transmission – we have a great amount of experience meeting the requirements of complex studio, TV stations and broadcast centers worldwide.  TBC has also worked extensively with Studio and Post-Production from editing to color correction, from voice over to Avid ProTools recording, and a variety of non-linear editing systems.  No matter what the size and application, our technical furniture sets the standard for well-designed, ergonomic, quality Made-in-America design and manufacturing.

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Along with our specialty in Broadcast Control Rooms comes a great deal of experience with radio broadcast studios. TBC has experience with radio consoles, integrating a number of microphones and speakers into our system, as well as the necessary space for rack-mounted equipment above or below the countertop. We have experience with visual radio automation, podcasts, studio spaces, on air and interview desks. TBC regularly works with Individuals, Corporations, and Houses of Worship on audio editing (NLAE), digital audio workstations (DAW), and radio broadcast applications of all sizes.

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Some of Our Clients


Some of our Broadcast TV and Radio Projects

We have purchased multiple consoles and carts from TBC for use in our facilities in the U.S. and overseas and could not be more pleased.  I always look forward to any interaction and purchase where TBC is concerned.

Your product is amazing; packaged well, incredibly easy to assemble, and it looks and performs great!

The project was a big success and the consoles were a big part of that…the truth is, you guy’s did a great job

Blue Sky had some very specific operational requirements that called for a customization of TBC’s IntelliTrac and SmartTrac console systems. Working with the TBC Design team really made a huge difference and made this aspect of our project painless. Your team provided the perfect solution for our needs!

It is always a pleasure working with TBC, your crew was absolutely awesome.  Your product is the best in the industry.  You deliver on time every time.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks for a speedy delivery and professional installation. Great crew you have. Furniture is outstanding.

“We are so thankful to have chosen TBC for our project.  The consoles are, simply put, an amazing pieces of engineering and technology.  I was so very impressed with your team’s attention to detail, attitude, politeness, professionalism and work ethic. I wanted to thank you for your partnership.  It is obvious you guys care about the work.”

Jeff Dow

Case Studies

Monumental Sports, D.C.

TBC provided broadcast technical furniture for the newly launched…

Prestonwood Church, Plano TX

TBC  provided furniture specified for a new controlroom at Prestonwood…

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, Atlanta GA.

TBC teams up with Warner Bros. Discovery again to deploy season-long…