Product Guides

SmartTrac  |  pdf file – 5.3mb

IntelliTrac  |  pdf file – 4.9mb

FITT  |  pdf file – 5.3mb

CTL  |  pdf file – 5.0mb

C3  |  pdf file – 5.0mb

TracWall  |  pdf file – 1.0mb

SmartCart  |  pdf file – 1.0mb

Concept Rooms

SmartTrac Control Room Concept (VCR)  |  pdf file – 2.0mb

SmartTrac Control Room Concept (NOC)  |  pdf file – 2.4mb

intelliTrac Control Room Concept (NOC)  |  pdf file – 2.9mb

intelliTrac Control Room Concept (PCR)  |  pdf file – 1.7mb


TBC welcomes your questions or comments about our products and services.  Please call, email or complete the Contact Form for general questions.  The best way to get your support-related questions answered is to send a detailed email to or contact the member of our staff that you have worked with in the past.

You may also call us directly at 1-888-CONSOLE.

FP-3500-7500 Assembly Instructions |  pdf file – 2.0mb

FP-9110 Assembly Instructions |  pdf file – 0.5mb

FP-STX / SM-C Assembly Instructions |  pdf file – 1.2mb

ST-CPU Installation Instructions |  pdf file – 170kb

Rack rail Specification Sheet |  pdf file – 245kb

Care and Cleaning Guide |  pdf file – 133kb

LED Thermal Control Instructions |  pdf file – 386kb


TBC Company Overview |  pdf file – 1.2mb

TBC Terms & Conditions |  pdf file – 0.8mb


TBC provides a robust warranty on all of its products, including a lifetime warranty on fixed metal structures, and five – ten years on nearly everything else.

We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your TBC product. Please contact us if you are not satisfied in any way and we will work with you. All TBC products go through a QA procedure and are warranted to be free of manufacturing, design, or material defects.


General Questions

TBC’s regular business hours are 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed for the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.

Contact us either by email inquiry on our webpage or by sending an email direct to We typically respond to a message within 1-3 hours of receipt. For immediate assistance, call toll free 888-CONSOLE during our regular business hours or contact us through our web interface so that we can provide a quote that is most accurate for your needs.

If you have worked with one of our employees before, please visit our staff page to contact them directly. To get a sense of our products cost, please contact us at

Yes.  We also have strategic partners overseas.  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a TBC reseller or send an email direct to

Yes. TBC’s products are all made-to-order and can be personalized for your needs. Browsing through our galleries will reveal many “non-standard” consoles that were tailored for particular customer needs.

TBC Consoles prides itself on a growing international commitment. With distributors on almost every continent we are able to communicate, ship, and install to almost anywhere in the world. For a more detailed understanding of where TBC has representation visit our International page.

TBC Consoles supplies Technical furniture to non-profits, corporations and government organizations for a wide variety of applications. Companies have used our consoles any application that requires furniture to be built around technology. We have provided consoles for the radio and television broadcast industry, home video or audio editing, sports stadiums, command and control rooms of all kinds, water treatment plants, power plants, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, security surveillance, transportation logistics, integrated control and safety systems, dispatch and mission critical applications, and more.

Questions About an Order

TBC sales are all handled by seasoned Project Managers with decades of experience in the field. If you have worked with a PM before, please visit our staff page to contact them directly. If you are unsure of whom you worked with then please contact TBC directly and reference your project name or quotation number if applicable.

The lead time for your project should be specified in your individual quote. If you have specific questions, please contact the Project Manager who you have been speaking with.

Upon shipment of an order, TBC will send a delivery confirmation email that includes the destination, list of items included and information on how to track your shipment.

If you did not receive a delivery confirmation email or would like a duplicate sent, please email with your quote file number. TBC provides shipping contact name and numbers to track orders being delivered via blanket wrap or for installations.

Website links for tracking Parcel or Freight Shipments:

Conway Freight
Daylight Transport
NE Motor Freight

Contact your Project Manager immediately and if the change occurs prior to production then a revised quote will be sent as soon as possible.

TBC’s products are all made-to-order and are not returnable unless otherwise specified. If your order was damaged in shipment, please contact us immediately upon delivery so that we can contact the shipping company and provide you with replacement items. TBC stands by its products and our warranty. We encourage clients to contact us immediately if they are at all not satisfied with the end product and we will make it right.

TBC Consoles basic warranty is stated in the terms and conditions of all our quotations.

During the applicable time period, in an expeditious manner and without charge to the buyer, TBC will repair or provide replacement parts found to be defective. Warranty applies to normal use under normal conditions. TBC shall in no event be liable for incidental or consequential damages.  For a complete copy of our warranty please contact your sales representative.

Frequently Used Terms

Broadcast furniture is the place in which essential video or audio broadcast control equipment is set up. Professional broadcast furniture should be designed with mounting solutions for monitor walls, speakers and mixing boards. We have been perfecting the design usability for contemporary broadcast furniture for over a quarter of a century.

A dispatch console is a workstation specifically designed for mission-critical communication engineers who act as links to a variety of resources, employees and information. TBC understands that functionality, reliability and intuitive design are essential for dispatch employees to make quick decisions.

If you are a professional editor then you will need some form of edit suite console. TBC Consoles has designed thousands of difference facilities but the basic design is usually the same. Our goal when putting together a room is to create a workstation that will maximize editor comfort and efficiency.

Ergonomics is the applied science of equipment design and fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of workers. The intent is to maximize productivity by reducing worker fatigue and discomfort. Also called human factors engineering, TBC is committed to providing ergonomically correct technical furniture in the form of height adjustable work stations, sit-stand desks, chairs and other accessories with optimal placement of peripheral equipment to ensure correct sight lines to monitor displays and comfortable operator work environments.

Technical furniture is a term that is commonly used to describe metal and wood-based furniture designed around technology. At TBC, we have been “creating space for new technology” with our technical a Flexible ergonomic workstations for professional editors, medical technicians, dispatch specialists, broadcast video and sound engineers.TBC’s technical furniture includes top quality work benches, editing suites, various sized equipment racks, modular workstations, personalized editing workstations for business and home office applications.