Monitor, Tablet, Laptop Arms and Mounts

Selecting the right monitor arm and monitor mount for your technical furniture is extremely important to ensure optimal ergonomics while allowing for full functionality. Along with other differences, monitor size and reach are important factors to consider. Click on the TBC product data sheets below to learn more about our standard options. All options shown here are thoroughly tested by our quality assurance team.

Pneumatic & Spring Assist

Pole Mount

Horizontal Mount

Accessory Mounts

Lower Modules – Device Holders and Equipment Shelves

Lower modules include a number of accessories located under the counter-top and designed to hold accessories.  CPU holders are among the most common accessories but other accessories are also available to hold back-up power devices, KVM boxes, and multiviewer devices, along with storage locations for peripheral equipment that is preferable to be off the work station.  

Upper Modules – Rack Turrets, Infills, and Dropwells

Turret, dropwells, and infills are just some of the modules that can be placed in the upper rack openings of our consoles. Each are customized to the size of your equipment, built with either aluminum or HDPE depending on the size and type. Rack turrets are engineered with front rack rail to comfortably house rack-mounted equipment. TBC also manufactures free-standing turrets which raise equipment off any flat surface. The spec sheets below show standard sizes but enclosures are available for any size opening. Minimum order quantities may apply for custom turrets. Rack rail options should be selected by completing our rack rail specification sheet.

Power Strips and Power/Data Modules