• 1988


    TBC Founded

    April 1988, TBC is incorporated  by Jerry Hahn and Frank LaPallo to focus on the post-production and broadcast applications of custom consoles and cabinetry.

  • 1994

    ProSeries is introduced

    ProSeries is introduced as TBC’s line of standard console line – made almost exclusively of wooden casework.



  • 1995


    TBC Expands

    TBC expands to a larger facility in West Babylon, NY

  • 1997

    TBC Goes International

    1997 – TBC pushes into the international market with major installations in Japan and China.



  • 1999


    Recognized as an Industry Leader

    TBC is recognized as an industry leader with its product being featured at the Olympic Games.  The consoles provided are still being used today in some facilities

  • 2005

    TBC Expands

    TBC moves from Babylon to Edgewood, NY and expands it capacity.



  • 2005


    IntelliTrac v1 Developed

    March 2005, IntelliTrac v1 developed as TBC’s first a modular, adaptable console with a steel substructure.

  • 2007

    SmartTrac and TracWall v1 are Developed

    October 2007, SmartTrac, SmartCart, and TracWall are added, formalizing TBC’s TracSeries line of steel and aluminum technical furniture.



  • 2008


    Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

    November, 2008 – TBC’s largest project to date is realized in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

  • 2011

    ControlTrac is Developed

    February 2011, ControlTrac is developed as a height-adjustable console built to reflect increased demand for consoles outside of TBC’s traditional broadcast market.



  • 2014


    TBC Expands Again

    TBC again expands its capacity, adding another 10,000 square foot facility.

  • 2017

    C3 Developed

    November, 2017 – C3 is developed which is a version of the ControlTrac product built especially for non-broadcast



  • 2018


    FiTT Consoles Series is Developed

    September, 2018 – The FITT series is developed as a lighter weight more modern version of IntelliTrac.

  • 2023

    FiTT+ joins the FITT Series

    July, 2023 – The height adjustable FITT+ is introduced into the FITT Series.