Mobile Equipment Racks

Offered in a variety of configurations with rack rail in the base, our line of mobile carts and lecterns are the perfect complement to our line of consoles. Each product can be customized to perfectly house your outboard equipment.

Standard SmartCart Features

For additional features and further information, please refer to our product guide in the downloads section below.

Rack Cart SC1.5-NL (left), Standard TBC Console ST3-3T (right)

Rear extrusion for Trac mountable accessories.


Optional powerstrip.


12RU rack bay with front and rear rack rail.


Optional bottom panel (vented & non-vented available).


Half bay for CPU storage.


Silver side panel with grommet for cable access.


Heavy duty 4″ casters.

Which SmartCart Version Fits My Needs?

SmartCart surfaces are classified into three basic shapes; square, nested, or double-nested. Custom shapes are also available to fit into a room or meet certain aesthetics. Each cart is available made in three standard sizes which accommodate different amount of peripheral equipment.

Standard SmartCart Work SurfaceStandard

Nested SmartCart Work SurfaceNested

Double Nested SmartCart Work SurfaceDouble Nested

Custom SmartCart Work SurfaceCustom

Standard SmartCarts and side-tables are generally manufactured at a countertop height of 28 5/8” (727 cm) but can be customized to a different height.  They are also available in a height-adjustable version with cabinets or tables able to move in a 25 – 51” (635-1295 mm) range.

Cart Cooling

All carts come standard with ventilation that allow cooling by convection.

More sophisticated cooling options are available and can be incorporated into any of our carts.


TBC’s mobile carts, file cabinets, and lecterns offer a large selection of companion pieces that match the look and quality of our console line. Available in a variety of sizes to secure your IT equipment, these products are a great alternative when there is limited space for equipment or storage at the console or as an alternative to a traditional server rack.

The SmartCart line is available standard in three sizes but can be customized to meet your unique needs. Side tables are also available to expand your console size while conforming to its unique shape. All products can be made with a variety of finish options and have our rear device trac to allow for the easy mounting of accessories.

Quiet Carts

Organize standard rack equipment in areas where sound needs to be reduced.  Standard models include 14RU with 31″ deep.  Available in 1 – 4 bays with  optional rear trac for equipment mounting.  Built-in thermostatic control fans keep equipment cool to ensure top performance with ultra quiet operation and external temperature sensors.  Plexiglas doors with optional lights allow you to clearly see your equipment for easy maintenance.

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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About SmartCarts

We purchased both the SmartTrac and the SmartCart products and found them to be well built with a high tech design that works great for our space.


We purchased a SmartCart with pull-out locking drawers. I felt that the product is of the highest quality, easy to assemble, and looks great. The clean look and modern design greatly improved the look and functionality of our control room we are very happy with your product.

Customer service, professionalism, and quality are all above average. Communication was good, even during the holiday period, I knew when to expect the product.


SmartCart Product Guide |  pdf file – 3.0mb


Surface Finishes

Edge Options

Side Panels